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Repetitive arm movements can cause slight tears to develop in the tendons in your forearm, resulting in an injury known as "tennis elbow." When your tendons become inflamed, it can be difficult to properly grip and lift objects. If you are suffering from pain in the outer elbow area, it is best to undergo timely treatment to avoid a chronic condition. At Texas Injury Clinic, we offer advanced tennis elbow treatment in Fort Worth in our fully-equipped chiropractic office, including soft-tissue manipulation and stretching. Our team is dedicated to providing noninvasive treatments to resolve orthopedic injuries.

About Tennis Elbow in Fort Worth

Lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow, is a common injury, affecting up to three percent of adults. When the tendons around the Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis muscle (extending from the elbow to the hand) develop tears, they can place stress on the entire arm.

Although a strong backhand swing can injure the extensor muscle, most cases of tennis elbow are not actually related to playing tennis. Those who participate in a variety of sports, including weight lifting, can develop this condition. Individuals whose work requires repetitive arm movement may also suffer symptoms. This includes painters, carpenters, cooks, butchers, musicians, and assembly-line workers.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

Symptoms of this condition can arise suddenly, in response to a specific movement, or develop gradually over a period of weeks. Common signs include:

  • Pain just below the bony part of the lateral (outer) elbow
  • Muscle weakness in the forearm and wrist
  • Reduced grip strength

If you experience symptoms of tennis elbow or notice emerging pain in the elbow area, it is wise to seek a diagnosis as soon as possible. When an acute tennis elbow case becomes chronic, it can be more difficult to treat.

The Path to Healing

Physical rehabilitation, stretching and strengthening exercises, and chiropractic adjustments are effective ways to treat tennis elbow. At Texas Injury Clinic, our team of chiropractors practice sports medicine and provide complete chiropractic care. With an individually tailored treatment plan, we can help reduce or eliminate tennis elbow symptoms.

We use a number of noninvasive approaches to treat tennis elbow, including targeted soft-tissue manipulation and instrument-assisted therapy. Wrist extension stretching and exercises are also an important component. These processes help to break up muscular scar tissue, restoring elasticity and minimizing tension in the muscle-tendon junction.

We often recommend chiropractic adjustments to treat symptoms and help prevent future injury. Healthy spinal alignment plays an important role in bodily balance, movement, and muscle strength. To keep you pain-free after treatment, our doctors also provide instruction for at-home exercise as well as ergonomics information.

Visiting our Clinic

Our 10,000 square foot clinic includes dedicated, fully-equipped areas for treatment and rehabilitation of sports and work-related injuries. During your initial visit, we can perform a thorough examination as well as to conduct assessment tests. After reviewing your medical history and, if necessary, taking x-rays, we can rule out conditions with similar symptoms for a definitive diagnosis.

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Dr. Mark Williams has been treating injuries and providing chiropractic care in Fort Worth for over 20 years. Along with Dr. Mario Leza, Dr. Williams can help resolve tennis elbow symptoms without steroid injections or surgery. To schedule an appointment, please call (817) 624-7222 today or contact us online.


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