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A herniated disc, sometimes called a “slipped disc,” is a spinal injury that can cause pain in the back, neck, arms, and legs. Gentle chiropractic care, spinal decompression therapy, and sports medicine can help to resolve this condition and eliminate symptoms. In Fort Worth, TX, our team at Texas Injury Clinic has decades of experience helping patients manage orthopedic conditions with noninvasive techniques. Our Fort Worth chiropractors offer advanced slipped disc treatment, tailored to your individual needs.

What is a Slipped Disc in Fort Worth

Discs are located in the spinal column and are found between the vertebrae. These rubbery cushions absorb the shock between adjacent vertebrae, enabling optimal mobility and flexibility. “Slipped” is a popular term for a bulging, split, or ruptured disc. When the disc sustains injury or degeneration, the gel-like fluid found inside the disc can protrude, placing pressure on the spine. This process can result in pain, weakness, or numbness.

A herniated disc increases pressure on the spinal cord and can result in pain, numbness, and weakness.

Herniated discs are often caused by a traumatic injury, but can also be associated with aging and obesity. Repetitive movements during sports or in the workplace can also result in this condition, as can lifting a heavy object improperly.

Symptoms of a Slipped Disc

Most slipped discs are located in the lower back, but you can also have an upper back or cervical (neck) disc herniation. If you experience sudden, severe, lower back pain, this can indicate a slipped disc. However, pain can also develop gradually. Common symptoms of a damaged disc include:

  • Pain located on one side of the body
  • Tingling sensation
  • Pain that radiates down the buttocks and into the legs (sciatica)
  • Numbness
  • Relief from lying prone, with pain aggravated by coughing or small motions

In many cases, symptoms of a slipped disc will resolve within a few weeks. Chiropractic treatment can accelerate the healing process and help to eliminate pain without steroid injections or other invasive measures.

Evaluation and Treatment

During your initial visit, our team can conduct a comprehensive examination and evaluate your spine. This may include orthopedic and neurological testing as well as x-ray imaging. While most patients can be successfully treated with chiropractic techniques, patients with advanced or unusual neurological symptoms may require a referral to a spine surgeon.

At Texas Injury Clinic, we offer effective, non-invasive treatment to help you recover from a slipped disc and prevent future recurrences.

For the most effective therapeutic results, your doctor will design an individualized treatment plan. This may include spinal adjustments, manual therapy, and the use of our therapeutic sports medicine equipment. In all cases, our practice uses safe, low-force techniques to achieve optimal results.

Patients with disc injuries can often benefit from spinal decompression therapy using our DRX-9000™ machine. This painless treatment lengthens the spine and reduces pressure on the discs, allowing oxygen and nutrient-rich fluid to reach the injured area. We often combine this form of treatment with massage therapy, which helps to facilitate blood flow and stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Schedule an Evaluation

At Texas Injury Clinic, we offer effective, non-invasive treatment to help you recover from a slipped disc and prevent future recurrences. For workplace injuries, we can provide insurance evaluations and referrals. To schedule an appointment, please call our office today at (817) 624-7222 or contact us online.


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