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Back pain can be a very serious problem no matter where it originates. Even moderate back pain can give you long-lasting problems. With the spinal decompression therapy device in Fort Worth at Texas Injury Clinic, even the most severe back pain can be relieved without surgery. Spinal decompression therapy will drastically reduce the pressure on the spine, intervertebral discs, and facet joints, and it will do so by creating negative intradiscal pressure in the disc space.

As with blood pressure, pressure in the spine is measured by mmHg. Increased pressure in the disc will promote a high mmHg. Spinal therapeutic methods can help to reduce the mmHg pressure levels; and spinal decompression can cause -200 mmHg of pressure which creates negative pressure that is 200 mmHg below zero pressure. The negative pressure allows nutrients, moisture, and oxygen to replenish the health of the disc.

Traditional Traction vs DRX 9000 in Fort Worth

Typically, traditional traction therapy is performed to help ease back pain. Traction therapy can be done mechanically or manually to stretch the spine and relieve pressure. Although traction therapy can help to relax the pressure on your back, it has proven to be less effective and biomechanically inadequate to produce optimal therapeutic results because it allows your body to give a proprioceptor response. This occurs when pulls are exerted on the spine and the muscles tighten as a response. This kind of traction therapy seems to give simply a temporary relief from the pain. Contact us today for your spinal decompression therapy!

Texas Injury Clinic in Fort Worth has started using the most modern form of spinal decompression therapy with the DRX 9000 equipment. The DRX 9000 machine uses a patented servo motor technology that pulls, holds, and releases the spine in repetitive cycles that typically last about 20-25 minutes. This proves extremely comfortable for the patient and allows the body to respond to decompression therapy. Some patients have said that you can feel the machine lengthening the spine and relieving the pressure on the discs after only one session. This spinal decompression therapy will create the negative pressure that your discs need to replenish nutrients, moisture, and oxygen. There is little to no downtime involved with spinal decompression therapy.

Neurosurgeon Explains DRX 9000

Listen to a Neurosurgeon explain the benefits of our Spinal Decompression treatment - Check it out HERE.

Spinal Decompression Therapy Candidates May Have:

  • Chronic and/or severe back pain
  • Uncertain or poor prognosis
  • Failed back syndrome
  • Long term probability for drug use
  • Failed back surgery
  • Future anticipated need for surgery
  • A slipped disc

To begin spinal decompression therapy, it is necessary to get a consultation from one of our doctors. Once the doctor evaluates your condition, he/she will design a recommended customized program specialized just for treating your personal pain. Unlike traction therapy, spinal decompression will provide long term relief to most patients, although some patients will need to have periodic follow up treatments depending on how the body responds to initial treatments. For most, the pain will greatly diminish after the customized program has been completed.

The cost of the procedure is very affordable and we can also bill your insurance directly. It is not necessary to have insurance to receive treatment though, as the cost is very reasonable and we can offer payment options. Let us know when you are ready to get started.

If you have moderate to severe neck or back pain and need treatment for spinal decompression therapy in Fort Worth, TX, contact us at (817) 624-7222 to schedule an appointment for a consultation and ask any questions you might have. We guarantee that with our DRX-9000 equipment, your back will feel better in no time, without surgery.


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