Shoulder Tears in Fort Worth

Chiropractic Fort Worth TX Shoulder Tear

A cartilage tear in your shoulder can limit your mobility, decrease your strength, and cause serious pain. If you are experiencing shoulder tear symptoms in Fort Worth, Dr. Mark Williams and the team at Texas Injury Clinic can correct your underlying problem with a comfortable, non-surgical treatment.

The Anatomy of the Shoulder in Fort Worth

A complex set of anatomical structures working together allows the shoulder to move. Four bones and a network of ligaments, tendons, and muscles allow for a wide range of shoulder mobility while keeping the joint in place. The head of the upper arm bone (humeral head) rests in a shallow socket in the shoulder blade. The humeral head is much larger than the socket. A cup-shaped rim of cartilage surrounds the socket and is key to stabilizing the joint. When this cartilage becomes torn, comfort and mobility become compromised.

Causes of Cartilage Tears

Certain repetitive movements can strain the shoulder, leading to cartilage tear over time. Athletes who regularly throw an object such as a baseball or javelin may experience an injury due to shoulder overuse. A cartilage tear can also occur suddenly due to trauma. Examples of traumatic injuries that can result in shoulder issues include:

  • A direct blow to the shoulder
  • Falling on an outstretched arm
  • A violent overhead reach when bracing for a fall
  • Pulling the muscles or soft tissues when lifting a heavy object

Symptoms of a Cartilage Tear

The symptoms of a cartilage tear are much like other types of shoulder injuries. Signs you may have a cartilage tear include:

  • Instability
  • Dislocation
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Decreased strength
  • Pain when lifting the arms overhead
  • Occasional pain during other daily activities or at night
  • Catching, popping, locking, or grinding in the shoulder

Seeking Medical Treatment

Your doctor will examine your shoulder. This can include testing your range of motion and taking a CT scan. Until you are diagnosed, you can relieve pain with anti-inflammatory medication and rest. Rehabilitation exercises that strengthen the rotator cuff muscles may also be recommended.

Nonsurgical treatment is often effective in healing the injured tissue, relieving discomfort, and restoring mobility. These solutions are all more affordable and involve fewer risks than surgery. At Texas Injury Clinic, a physical rehabilitation program can be customized for you according to your needs. Our clinic is equipped with the latest physical rehabilitation equipment by Cybex®. We have an upper-body ergometer, as well as pushing and pulling devices that are designed to address specific muscle groups.

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