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Depression in Fort Worth is a problem that many people deal with. It is a leading cause of distress and disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease. There are effective treatments for mild, moderate, and severe depression. We can help you understand your symptoms and can get you the help you need.

What is Depression in Fort Worth?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think, and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. You may have trouble doing normal day-to-day activities, and sometimes you may feel as if life isn't worth living.

More than just a “bout of the blues”, depression isn't a weakness, and you can't simply "snap out" of it. Depression may require long-term treatment. But don't get discouraged. Most people with depression feel better with medication, psychotherapy, or both.

Common Symptoms of Depression

Although depression may occur only once during your life, people typically have multiple episodes.

  • Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness, or hopelessness
  • Angry outbursts, irritability or frustration, even over small matters
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in most or all normal activities, such as sex, hobbies, or sports
  • Sleep disturbances, including insomnia or sleeping too much
  • Tiredness and lack of energy, so even small tasks take extra effort
  • Reduced appetite and weight loss or increased cravings for food and weight gain
  • Anxiety, agitation, or restlessness
  • Slowed thinking, speaking or body movements
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt, fixating on past failures or self-blame
  • Trouble thinking, concentrating, making decisions, and remembering things
  • Frequent or recurrent thoughts of death, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts or suicide
  • Unexplained physical problems, such as back pain or headaches
  • Taking unnecessary risks that could result in loss of life

The Four Major Causes of Depression

  • Family history
  • Illness and health issues
  • Medication, drugs, and alcohol
  • Personality

Treatment of Depression

There are effective treatments for mild, moderate, and severe depression. A unique, high-powered, laser therapy can penetrate the scalp and skull, reaching the brain to re-energize damaged brain cells and effectively treat depression. This treatment is cleared by the FDA, totally safe, non-invasive, painless, and has no side effects.

Learn more about Laser Therapy HERE.
Published study available HERE.

When to See a Doctor?

If you feel depressed, make an appointment to see your doctor or mental health professional as soon as you can. If you're reluctant to seek treatment, talk to a friend or loved one, any health care professional, a pastor, or someone else you trust.

If You Need It, Please Get The Help You Need!

Will Sandoval, LPC, has many years of experience treating PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression stemming from trauma, abuse, divorce, and many other causes.  If you need help, call us for an appointment or call another skilled professional.


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