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Osteoarthritis (OA) is a painful condition caused by the inflammation, breakdown, and loss of cartilage in the joints. It commonly occurs in the hands, hips, and knees, making day-to-day activities challenging. At Texas Injury Clinic we offer osteoarthritis treatment in Fort Worth tailored to your unique needs. We can create a customized physical rehabilitation program designed to strengthen the muscles around your joints, alleviating your pain, and increasing your range of motion.

About Osteoarthritis in Fort Worth

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease and is the leading cause of disability in patients over the age of 50. Sometimes called “wear and tear” arthritis, this condition can be quite debilitating, as it tends to affect joints that are crucial to mobility and proper movement. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage between the joints breaks down, causing the bones to rub against one another. This friction can affect the shape of the bones and result in pain, swelling, and stiffness.

We can create a customized physical rehabilitation program designed to strengthen the muscles around your joints.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Symptoms of osteoarthritis may be mild or severe, as well as acute or chronic. The amount of damage done does not always correspond to the severity of the warning signs. Oftentimes, patients experience a fluctuation in symptoms, and the onset of a flare-up can be unpredictable. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Joint Pain: Discomfort is often present in patients with osteoarthritis, and can often worsen following excessive movement or exercise. In the most acute cases, patients may feel pain or discomfort even when the joints are at rest.
  • Stiffness and Limited Mobility: A common indication of osteoarthritis is the stiffness of the joints. This can occur after long periods of rest or inactivity, such as sitting in a car or lying down all night. Typically, the stiffness subsides after approximately 30 minutes, when the joints have effectively loosened.
  • Clicking or Cracking: Some patients will hear a clicking or cracking sound when a joint bends.
  • Soreness: Often, the affected joint is tender or sore when slight pressure is applied.
  • Swelling: Some patients with osteoarthritis will experience mild swelling around the affected joint.
  • Inflexibility: Over time, patients may experience a limited range of motion.
  • Deformity: In some cases of osteoarthritis, the joint may become deformed.
  • Bone Spurs: Some patients develop bone spurs, or growths, as a result of osteoarthritis.

According to the Arthritis Foundation®, one in four adults will develop symptoms of osteoarthritis in the hip by age 85, and one in two adults will experience knee osteoarthritis at some point in their lives.

Risk Factors of Osteoarthritis

Even though there is no explicit cause of osteoarthritis, there are several risk factors that can increase your risk. These include:

  • Family History: As is the case with many health conditions, genetics play a significant role in the development of osteoarthritis. If you have parents who suffer from joint abnormalities, you are more likely to as well. This includes issues regarding joint shape and alignment.
  • Age: As we age, cartilage naturally breaks down due to repeated use. As a result, most patients with osteoarthritis are over the age of 50.
  • Obesity: Patients who are overweight are at higher risk for developing osteoarthritis on weight-bearing joints. On average, every extra pound adds as much as six times the pressure on the hips and three pounds of pressure on the knees.
  • Injury or Overuse: Old injuries – especially fractures – can progress into osteoarthritis as you age. Additionally, sports or occupations that necessitate long-term repetitive motion can significantly increase your susceptibility to osteoarthritis.

To determine whether you are suffering from OA, we can conduct a physical examination and review your medical history. We may also ask you to perform simple physical tasks to evaluate your range of motion and mobility.

Customized Care

Each patient who visits our office is entirely unique, which is why we design customized rehabilitation programs for every case. Physical activity and strengthening exercises can ease the burden on joints and reduce excess weight. We can target the areas affected using Cybex® exercise equipment, functional capacity devices, ramps, stairs, and more.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of osteoarthritis, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced doctors at Texas Injury Clinic. We can review your options as well as a timeline for treatment. To reach a team member, you can contact us online anytime or call our office at (817) 624-7222.


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