Neck and Back Pain Remedies

A man suffering with back and neck Pain


You may have tried various procedures that have not produced the results you desired. When procedures only focus on treating the symptom (pain, etc.), you are heading down a dead end road. Traditional approaches offer little in the way of long-term success. Though you may receive temporary relief by taking pills, potions and lotions, are you willing to live your life knowing that you are only covering up the pain and not truly correcting the problem?

Many don’t question the fact that when they stop taking their drugs the neck and back pain comes back. We’ve heard this a thousand times and the answer is always the same, “Pain is not the cause of the problem.” The cause is the breakdown of the tissues in and around the spine.

A woman suffering with back and neck Pain

With the onset of a more natural approach to health, it is thought that, “If I just exercise more, the problem will go away.” Again, this does not address the real problem, nor does it result in a real solution.

Traditional physical medicine is geared toward drugs, exercise and various modalities such as heat, ice, ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation. These approaches primarily aim toward covering up symptoms. They offer little in the actual reduction of the real cause of the problem. We also believe in the proper rehabilitation of injured tissues, but not before the degenerative condition has been properly addressed. Our job is to address the problem before the condition has worsened to the point where it is assumed that only an invasive procedure, such as surgery, will be effective. Delaying getting to the actual cause of the problem unfortunately allows the degeneration process to continue.


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Surgery is not a reversible process. Once performed, many surgeries cannot be reversed. In rare cases where metal is utilized, it can often be removed but not without another risky surgery. The recovery time for surgery can be months. Some never recover at all.

  • 60% of spinal fusion patients will continue to suffer from back pain after surgery. A full recovery is uncommon and cannot be predicted.
  • 30% of patients will be neither better nor worse after surgery because the pain does not emanate from the segment that has been fused.
  • 10% are distinctly worse for having a failed spinal fusion surgery.
  • In cases of prolapsed discs and sciatica, 65% of patients will continue to experience post-operative back pain.

Every day the doctors at Texas Injury Clinic consult with patients who have had or are about to have surgery. We know from talking to thousands of dissatisfied patients how surgery has affected their lives. Many more patients are scared of surgery and want an option that provides them with proven results. Spinal decompression is now positioned as a viable alternative to surgery. This procedure is non-invasive, pain free and requires no lengthy recovery time.

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