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Chiropractic Adjustment vs. Massage for Neck Pain By Mark Williams on October 08, 2019

Man with neck pain at laptopInjuries to the neck and cervical spine can lead to serious pain and changes in neck mobility. Turning your head can be uncomfortable and perhaps not even possible, and persistent soreness and headaches are not uncommon. That’s why Texas Injury Clinic offers different methods of treating neck pain and cervical spine soreness, including chiropractic services and other forms of physical therapy.

Our Fort Worth, TX pain relief specialists are often asked about the difference between chiropractic care and neck massage. They each function in different ways to relieve pain and discomfort. Let’s compare the two and discuss why one may be better than the other in certain circumstances.

How Chiropractic Adjustment Works

Chiropractic adjustment involves carefully controlled and applied force to manipulate the joints. When treating neck pain, chiropractic adjustment will involve careful manipulation of the cervical spine. This will help promote proper movement of the spinal column and vertebrae to help relieve pain and discomfort.

How Neck Massage Works

Massage for the neck will primarily target the soft tissues of neck area, particularly the muscles of the spine. Pain relief through neck massage typically involves relieving tension of the muscles so that they are loose. Minor relief to the vertebrae is possible through neck massage.

When Chiropractic Care Is a More Ideal Neck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic adjustments are most ideal when poor joint alignment or function is the primary cause of neck pain. Patients will likely experience some soft tissue benefit from chiropractic adjustment given how the various structures of the neck are interconnected. Thanks to chiropractic adjustment, the alignment of the cervical spine can be improved, reducing any soreness associated with spinal injury.

When Massage Is a More Ideal Neck Pain Treatment

Massage is most ideal for neck pain caused by sore, tight, or strained muscles. The massage will target the soft tissues to help promote relaxation and reduced discomfort. Some stretching out of the neck muscles is also possible during neck massage to help restore range of motion.

Tailoring Treatment to Your Neck Pain

In order to reduce neck pain and discomfort, it’s important that our Fort Worth pain relief experts properly diagnose your neck injury. The root cause(s) of the neck pain will determine the ideal treatment method to pursue. This is why Texas Injury Clinic makes great effort in carefully customizing treatment to the needs of each patient.

Combining Treatment Options to Achieve Optimal Pain Relief

Keep in mind that chiropractic adjustment and neck massage are not exclusive treatments. We can combine massage and chiropractic adjustment in order to improve the health of the cervical spine as well as muscle and soft tissues surrounding your vertebrae and vertebral discs.

As part of the consultation process, we will go over the various treatment options available to you. Our focus is on pain relief and care for the root of your neck pain, as well as lasting relief for any tissues affected by the root cause of discomfort.

Learn More About Pain Relief Options

For more information about chiropractic care, neck massage, and other options for treating pain, be sure to contact our skilled pain relief specialists. You can reach Texas Injury Clinic in Fort Worth by calling (817) 799-7132.

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