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Chiropractic Care for Improved Posture By Mark Williams on September 01, 2019

Diagram of the spinal columnAt Texas Injury Clinic, we have many ways to help patients recover from injuries and achieve better overall health. While physical therapy and chiropractic services are ideal for Fort Worth, TX patients who have been hurt while playing sports or suffering physical trauma, these services can also be valuable for other causes of pain. Some of these causes of body pain are ones people may not have considered.

With this in mind, Dr. Mark Williams would like to consider how posture plays a role in your health and wellness. We’ll also consider how chiropractic care can help address issues with your posture as a way to promote health and wellness.

Why Your Posture Matters

Whenever you’re walking, sitting, or simply standing somewhere, your posture can have a major affect on the health of your body without you even realizing it. Your posture ensures your body is properly aligned and your weight is evenly distributed. Good posture can help reduce your risk for injuries as well as long-term problems with the health and wellness of your joints. Good posture can also help prevent muscle fatigue and promote a sense of relaxation, mental clarity, and wellness.

What Happens to Your Body If You Have Bad Posture?

Given the benefits of good posture, you can probably guess the problems caused by bad posture.

Long-term issues with bad posture can result in an increased risk of arthritis and joint problems later in life. Body pain (particularly around the lower back, which bears a lot of body weight) can be persistent and even chronic after years of poor posture.

Can Chiropractic Care Fix Bad Posture?

Chiropractic care itself won’t fix bad posture per se, but working with a chiropractor at our Fort Worth center can help make gradual improvements to your posture. Consider chiropractic care one of many steps toward a healthier you.

Chiropractic Adjustment for Posture-Related Body Pains

The chiropractic adjustment itself will be performed to help ensure that your body is in proper alignment. These adjustments can help you get a sense of an ideal position for your joints, and can help relieve severe body pains caused by poor posture. If your body doesn’t ache so much, it can be easier to carry yourself in a much more ideal manner.

Pointing Out Issues with the Way You Sit and Stand

During your visit with a chiropractor, we can look at your current posture and make corrections and modifications for improvement. The thing about posture is that you might think you’ve been fine all your life, but an expert on joints and pain might be able to identify issues you’ve had all along.

Discussing Ergonomics and Sleep Position

Since we spend long hours in front of laptops, computers, in offices, and lying down for sleep, you and your chiropractor can discuss these matters and how they impact posture. We can talk about your ergonomic set up at home and at work, and we can also discuss your mattress and sleep situation to see if any changes can be considered.

Discussing Risk Factors Related to Bad Posture

While speaking with a chiropractor, you can learn about various risk factors for poor posture that you may not have realized. This includes obesity, excessive stress, poor footwear, weak core strength, and so forth. By noting these risk factors, you can make lifestyle changes to help make adjustments to posture easier.

Learn More About Chiropractic Services

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic adjustments and how we can help you, contact our team of back and spinal condition experts. You can reach Texas Injury Clinic by phone in Fort Worth by calling (817) 624-7222.

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