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Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Blade Pain By Mark Williams on July 30, 2019

Upper back and shoulder blade painWe hear about issues involving the lumbar spine quite a bit, but there are also serious problems that affect the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine is the portion of the spine located in the upper back between your shoulder blades. Issues with thoracic spine alignment can throw your posture off balance and also have a negative impact on your shoulder blades. Undergoing chiropractic services at Texas Injury Clinic can help with these issues.

Dr. Mark Williams would like to consider some basics about shoulder blade pain and how chiropractors can help. During a consultation at our Fort Worth, TX pain relief clinic, we can go over various treatment options in greater detail.

Common Causes of Shoulder Blade Pain

The shoulder blades (scapulas) could be injured, or there may be an injury to the thoracic spine that causes pain to radiate into one or both shoulder blades.

Some common causes of shoulder blade pain include:

  • Spots injuries
  • Physical trauma from falls
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Repetitive motions from work
  • Muscle and tendon issues
  • Poor posture
  • Long-term spinal misalignment
  • Long-term uneven weight distribution from bags or purses

You’ll notice that some shoulder blade issues occur from sudden injuries while others involve an accumulation of issues over a long period of time.

Common Signs of Scapular and Interscapular Pain

When pain affects the shoulder blades or the scapular spine, some common symptoms include:

  • Limited movement of the arms
  • Locking of the shoulder when performing certain actions
  • Discomfort while taking deep breaths
  • Soreness moving your chin to your chest
  • A sensation of a knot near or under a shoulder blade
  • Pronounced shoulder asymmetry when standing or sitting

Good Candidates for Chiropractic Adjustment

Good candidates for chiropractic adjustment are people who experience pain of the spine or the joints that is persistent and/or chronic. Many patents who come to our Fort Worth pain relief center are trying to avoid surgery and more invasive procedures for their conditions.

During a consolation at our practice, we will help diagnose the cause and nature of your shoulder injury, which will help us develop the right treatment plan for your needs. Tendon and muscle problems, for example, may be approached differently than problems with thoracic spine alignment per se.

The Results of Chiropractic Care

Thanks to a chiropractic adjustment, patients will experience reduce pain and discomfort of the thoracic spine and shoulder blades. Some range of motion is often restored as well.

Keep in mind that a single chiropractic session will rarely be enough to achieve optimal results. Multiple sessions will be required to help with pain relief and to help restore mobility and as much use to the affected shoulder as possible.

Identifying Other Ways to Reduce and Prevent Shoulder Blade Pain

Since posture and lifestyle can both have a major impact on shoulder blade pain, we will recommend various changes you can make outside of our clinic. For instance, we can discuss the ergonomic setup you have at work and whether or not it’s ideal. We can also talk about your use of a backpack or a messenger bag, and other ways to help evenly distribute weight on your shoulders.

This in-office chiropractic adjustment combined with at-home lifestyle adjustments can go a long way toward pain relief and a healthy back and shoulders.

Learn More About Treating Shoulder Pain

For more information about treating shoulder pain through chiropractic care, be sure to contact a skilled chiropractor and pain relief specialist. The team at Texas Injury Clinic can be reached by phone in the Fort Worth area at (817) 624-7222.

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