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Chiropractic Care and Orthopedic Testing By Mark Williams on January 28, 2019

Man with lower back painJust like at any other doctor’s appointment, careful assessments during a sports medicine appointment allow the doctor to accurately diagnosis your condition. At Texas Injury Clinic, we will perform orthopedic testing, which includes an examination of the soft tissues and tendons, so we can determine what problems are affecting your physical performance.

At our Fort Worth, TX office, our approach to chiropractic care and orthopedic testing helps us offer comprehensive care that can improve your physical well-being and get you back on the trail, in the pool, or on the bike faster.

What to Expect during Orthopedic Testing

We use orthopedic tests during initial chiropractic examinations to see whether a painful area is properly aligned. These tests are often performed along with range of motion testing and palpitation of the muscles so we can better understand the source of your pain.

Your chiropractor checks the affected area for muscle inflammation or restriction, spinal misalignment, asymmetrical swelling, and bruising among other symptoms; these may indicate a musculoskeletal issue that may require chiropractic adjustment or other treatment.


In addition to physical testing, your chiropractor will ask for medical history information; lifestyle, fitness, and work environment information; details about any present discomfort; and other questions corresponding to your pain or symptoms.

If needed, your chiropractor may also conduct a neurological test, perform x-rays, or even request an MRI. This information, when compiled, gives your chiropractor a comprehensive view of the history of the condition or injury.  Once the chiropractor finishes the initial testing, he or she can then determine the source of the discomfort.

Sport Injury Treatments

Your chiropractor at Texas Injury Clinic can help you get back into a normal sports and fitness routine once the root of the pain has been determined and a specific treatment plan is developed.

Your specific treatment plan could include chiropractic adjustments, heat or ice therapy, stretching, or one of our other sports medicine procedures:

  • DRX9000 Spinal Decompression System: This advanced machine can reduce pressure on the spine and spinal discs, gently stretching your spinal column one vertebrae at a time. This procedure increases natural oxygen and water flows into the spinal area and can relieve back and neck pain comfortably and without the need for invasive surgical procedures.
  • Massage Therapy: Massage techniques can help prevent future muscle strain as well as help heal existing sore or still muscles.
  • Physical Therapy: A range of strength-building or flexibility exercises can help increase your athletic performance and heal your body more quickly and with less pain.

Pain Relief through Chiropractic Care

If you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain or discomfort that is keeping you back from peak sports or fitness performance, our team can help. Beginning with careful orthopedic testing to determine the cause of your discomfort to comprehensive physical care, we offer superior sports injury treatment. Call us today to schedule your first appointment at (817) 624-7222.

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